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Friday Talks

The City Circle is an open circle for open minds where individuals are pushed to think outside the box. It provides a safe space for communities to self-critically discuss and debate issues that concern them. It is open to the public, all shades of Muslim and non-Muslim opinions are welcome. Whatever your faith and whatever your politics, the City Circle remains a home for everyone. We are an independent and inclusive space.

The City Circle offers no doctrinal solutions but instead a space to explore new ideas and a place to ask questions:  to challenge and be challenged. That is how we believe creative, confident and dynamic communities develop. We hold weekly panel discussions to:


i) provide an independent and safe space for open debate with a panel of expert speakers, often with opposing views, to invoke genuine criticism and challenge on issues which mainstream mosques will often shy away from

ii) providing a platform to balanced and progressive scholars to provide genuine critique of established conservative narratives

iii)  to empower the Muslim community network to regain the moral and ethical voice of Islam in Britain and to promote this actively in the mainstream British media

iv) To provide a genuine opportunity for strategic alliance building with non-Muslim groups and experts to find common cause and interest and combat the growing divide

v) To challenge the belief that there is a conflict between a Muslim and British identity by promoting successful role models

vi) To channel talent, particularly amongst Muslims, into strategic projects which practically help to put back into wider British society and demonstrate positive contribution by Muslim communities

We have held events on a weekly basis in the heart of London as well as our strategic projects over the last 15 years on a voluntary basis working in some very challenging inner city areas where educational achievement is low and crime rates and marginalisation is high. It has genuine grassroots authenticity and is led by a strategic mix of female and male professionals from different theological denominations.