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The City Circle is an open circle for open minds where individuals are pushed to think outside the box. It provides a safe space for communities to self-critically discuss and debate issues that concern them. It is open to the public, all shades of Muslim and non-Muslim opinions are welcome. Whatever your faith and whatever your politics, the City Circle remains a home for everyone. We are an independent and inclusive space.

The City Circle offers no doctrinal solutions but instead a space to explore new ideas and a place to ask questions:  to challenge and be challenged. That is how we believe creative, confident and dynamic communities develop. We hold weekly panel discussions to:

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We live in one of the world's most affluent countries yet many people are still living on the streets. For people on low income, a sudden crisis such as a delay in receiving benefits or an expected bill can mean going hungry. For many people it’s a choice between paying their bills or eating while parents may have to skip meals in order to feed their children.
The City Circle homeless project aims to:
• Change the way society thinks and acts towards homeless people
• Help people in short-term crisis by providing free food and clothing
• Raise funding to support existing activities and support our partner charities and volunteer groups

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The City Circle Saturday School established in 1999 is one of the projects of the City Circle (registered charity no. 1088931). The school was founded to combat the low attainment levels achieved by students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The school provides targeted assistance for students at the primary and secondary level. Teaching focuses on numeracy and literacy and Islamic Studies is also taught (for Muslim students)

The City Circle Saturday School aims not only to address educational disadvantage but to also provide positive role models who contribute to the development of balanced adults who will be able to make a positive impact within their communities. We believe that with the right level of support from the school and commitment from the students, every child is capable of the highest level of academic achievement


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