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Srebrenica: An Insiders' Story

On the 22nd anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, we honour the women of Bosnia

Srebrenica Cemetery

Date: Monday 10 July 2017

Time: 18:45 - 21:00

Venue: St Ethelburga's, Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG

Speakers: Bakira Hasečić, Zrinka Bralo and visiting musicians from Bosnia

Tickets: Free - Click here to book your place

Prevalent conversations about Srebrenica centre around the 8,372 Muslim men and boys strategically killed during the genocide. However, also among the victims of this genocidal plan were the 20-50,000 Bosnian Muslim women and girls subjected to sexual violence during the conflict. We do not know the exact number of victims because the majority of them have remained silent due to stigma, shame and fear.

Some Bosniak women did break the silence on sexual violence used as a weapon of war and it is through the courage of these women that prosecutions were made for rape for the first time under international criminal law.

In an important event including talks, poetry, music and food, this year for Srebrenica Memorial Week, The City Circle not only remembers the 8,372 men and boys massacred in the Srebrenica genocide but honours the overwhelming number of Bosniak women killed, tortured, raped and forcibly impregnated through the genocidal plan of “ethnic cleansing”.

The event will contain descriptions and testimonies of violence and sexual violence. Although all are welcome, we would advise against young people under the age of 16.

This is a ticketed event so please book your tickets through Eventbrite.


Bakira Hasečić, President of the Victims of War Association, Survivor, Human Rights Activist

Bakira is a survivor of sexual violence in the Bosnian war, and her experience has led to her becoming one of the most prominent human rights activists in Bosnia. Bakira established the Association of Women Victims of War in 2003 as a way of uniting the women who were raped and sexually abused during the Bosnian war. The Association has provided key testimony in sexual violence trials linked to the conflict and has helped obtain justice, as well as psychological and financial aid for many of its members. She campaigns to secure justice for women victims of the war in national and international courts, in particular the victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Zrinka Bralo, Chief Executive, Migrants Organise

Zrinka is Chief Executive of Migrants Organise – a community organising platform for migrants and refugees acting for justice. Zrinka was a journalist in Bosnia before the conflict began, including five years at the National Radio in Sarajevo. After war broke out, she coordinated international media coverage from Sarajevo, working with some of the world's leading war correspondents. As the conflict in Bosnia escalated, Zrinka sought asylum in the United Kingdom, and to this day she is a fierce advocate for asylum-seekers in the UK.

Plus visiting musicians from Bosnia

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Free entrance, but please book online in advance. All welcome (but please note that some of the talk may be unsuitable for those under 16). Doors open at 18:45 and the talk begins at 19:00. If you have any questions, please contact the event organiser: