The City Circle is an open circle for open minds

Dr Usama Hasan has decided to move on from his current role as a trustee of the City Circle after four years to pursue other interests.

The trustees of the City Circle would like to take this opportunity to thank Usama for the great contribution his knowledge and expertise made to the organisation, during which he also served with distinction as the Director of City Circle. 

Climate WeekPupils from City Circle Saturday School will compete with tens of thousands of other people from schools, colleges and workplaces across the UK, in the country’s biggest environmental competition.

The Climate Week Challenge in the UK will kick off on Monday 12 March, marking the first day of Climate Week, the UK’s biggest climate change campaign. Approximately 100 pupils at the City Circle Saturday School from years 4 to A ‘levels will take part in the Challenge on Saturday 17 March which aims to get as many people as possible to come up with creative ideas to help the environment.

The Climate Week Challenge is open to everyone and teams of 4 to 6 people compete within age categories although everyone is given the same core challenge. The Challenge is only revealed on the day and teams have until the end of the day to submit their entry. Winners will be announced on Saturday 24 March.

Kevin Steele, Chief Executive at Climate Week, said: “The Climate Week Challenge enables young people to develop their skills of innovation and team-working to help combat climate change, which is one of the most important issues they will need to address as the emerging generation. Many of the ideas developed by last year’s 145,000 participants were brilliant, and we are all looking forward to see what this year’s teams propose.”

Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future. The campaign is backed by eminent individuals such as the Prime Minister and Sir Paul McCartney, and by organisations including the National Association of Headteachers and Eco-Schools. Climate Week’s headline partner is Tesco and its supporting partners are EDF Energy, H&M, Nissan and Sodastream.


In the name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate, the Merciful
We are pleased to announce another year of strong results for the students at the City Circle Saturday School who sat their GCSE examinations in Mathematics and English this summer.
In total 15 students sat for Mathematics while 13 for English Language and 11 for English Literature.
One of the many objectives of the school is to directly raise the standard of the children so that at the very least they are achieving a B grade in Maths and English when they sit their GCSE exams in year 11 - it's not just about helping struggling students, it's about helping them reach the highest standards. While we currently target at least a B grade for every child who has been with the school since the primary level, we have full faith that inshallah this target will be raised to an A grade.
A brief summary of the results:
100% Maths
85% English Language
91% English Literature
73% Maths
77% English Language
91% English Literature
I think it is fair to say that these results don't provide one with a complete idea of the tremendous achievement of the teachers and students. There is the danger the individual stories of diligence, commitment and discipline are hidden in the collective results. I would say in most cases the students exceeded the expectations they would have had at the start of the year.
The objective of the school is not only for academic success but to improve the children's educational experience in its most complete sense: by presenting to them role models, granting them inspiration to do their best, encouraging them to see how they can give back to their communities and society and ultimately reminding them to seek God's pleasure in every endeavour.
For further details of how to get involved with the project visit the school's page found here.
City Circle Saturday School Management Team

As part of City Circle's evolving journey, we write to update you on the latest farewells and new faces to the CC team.

CC Chair
Rabia Malik, after two exciting years at the wheel, will be stepping down as Chair and shall continue her contribution as a trustee.  We acknowledge the fresh perspective and balance that Rabia has provided in leading the team, as well as the greater spiritual and analytical influence she introduced.  We thank her sincerely for her time and efforts.
Sid Djerfi will be taking the reigns.
Sid is a management consultant, previously in the City, who now works for an educational NGO tackling educational inequity.  He has considerable project management, technology and networking skills and very strong relationships across the London communities. 
Sid very successfuly led the CC Saturday School for two years.  He is incredibly energetic, very much a pragmatist who brings people together effectively.  His interests lie in raising the conditions of the Muslim community and promoting greater engagement of Muslim professionals in public life.
Andleen Razzaq
A founder member and trustee of CC, one of the surviving veterans who has been the defacto trusted 'Gatekeeper' for CC being the first port of call for media, government, and members of the public.  She has networked, represented, defended, apologised and generally mothered the roost with sensibility and grace, and we are very sad to see her go as a result of her move to Singapore. Andleen shall remain 'plugged in' as trustee and we are sure a few thousand miles will not keep her from the CC family. 
Management Committee
We welcome the following new additions:

Layla El-Wafia practicing solicitor in the City of London specialising infinance and infrastructure projects. She has previously worked with local and international NGOs with social and human rights interests in the USA, Middle East and England.  She is Arab-American and has been living in London for seven years.  Her focus within the City Circle is to strengthen ties with professionals in the City as well as organise events relating to the Arab world.

Dr Ameen Kamlana, a GP currently based in Surrey, with a special interest in Mental Health. In his free time he enjoys reading History and Popular Science. He also teaches Classical Arabic for a charitable organisation. He grew up in the Lake District and has been in the South East of England since 1999. Ameen has previously worked with local and international medical NGO's, and his focus within City Circle is to collaborate with NGO's in organising joint community events and also to contribute to Project Detox.
Farewell to Alyaa Ebbiary who has been instrumental in developing CC's outreach to the student community, her student led critique of the PREVENT strategy and we wish her all the best on her potential travels oversees.

The City Circle team looks forward to your continued support.  It is only with your energy, engagement and advice that we continue to make City Circle a great plaform for discussion and an effective conduit for chanelling the capacity of Muslim professionals into projects that serve the community.

The City Circle